How to participate in the promotion and its benefits:

"Bring a Friend" is a promotional campaign ("Promotion") in which all e4jConnect customers with an active subscription can participate.

e4jConnect customers ("Inviter") will have the possibility to send, to people they know ("Invitees"), an invitation to become a new e4jConnect customer ("Invitation"). The Invitation may only be sent with the relevant form via the invitee's personal area.

Specifically, the invitation will contain an URL that the invitee must click on in order to access the registration page. Registration must be done using the same e-mail address from which the invitee received the invitation.

Once the invitee completes the registration process and proceeds with a subscription to the e4jConnect service, they will automatically receive a one-time 15% discount which will be automatically applied to all their e4jConnect channel subscriptions. After the Invitee has completed payment for the e4jConnect subscription, they will result as an active customer. When this last step is complete, the inviter will be then be entitled to an one-time automatic 15% discount which will be applied during their next renewal for their e4jConnect subscription. The inviter is entitled to a total maximum discount of 45%, equivalent to 3 invitees who have correctly subscribed to the e4jConnect service according to all the steps described above. Upon reaching the maximum number of n.3 invitees, it will no longer be possible to send additional invitations.

In any case, each individual invitee will only be able eligible for the benefits derived from the promotion (resulting in the recognition of benefits as a result of being “invited”) one time during the entire promotional period. Any individual who, after having been an e4jConnect customer, discontinues the service or switches to a different channel manager, and then subsequently re-subscribes as an e4jConnect customer by means of a new invitation following the one previously used, will not be eligible for any further promotional discount. In addition, any invitation sent to a hotel property found to be owned or managed by the “Inviter” will not be considered valid.

It is brought to the attention of all inviters that:

  1. During the invitation stage, and upon the submission of the invitee's personal information (name and e-mail address), the system used by e4jConnect will manage that personal information to carry out the delivery of the invitation. This signifies that invitations are not anonymous, but rather named. Individuals who are “invited” will be made aware of who sent them the invitation to join the e4jConnect Channel Manager service.
  2. Once an invitation has been sent, the e4jConnect systems will retain all data provided by the invitee for the sole purpose of displaying said data in the invitation summary section of the invitee account. Provided data will never be shared with third-party systems or disclosed in any way. It is possible to request the deletion or modification of said data by contacting our staff, however it will not be possible to cancel or reduce the number of invitations issued, once they have already been processed and issued.
  3. By submitting the invitation, the inviter hereby declares that they are authorized by the invitee to share his/her data with e4jConnect, thereby releasing e4jConnect from any liability or claims from the recipient of the invitation.
  4. If an invitee does not use the same email from which they received the invitation to subscribe to the e4jConnect service, the inviter will not be entitled to any benefits from having sent the invitation.
  5. From within the personal e4jConnect area, it is possible to monitor how many invitees have successfully accepted an invitation and proceeded to activate the e4jConnect service, as well as the relevant discount to which the inviter is entitled to upon the next renewal of their own subscription.
  6. If the invitee does not proceed with the purchase of Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager software and does not subscribe to the e4jConnect service, the inviter is not entitled to any benefits;
  7. In the event of a refund request by the invitee, the inviter shall not be entitled to any discount from that specific invitation.

It is brought to the attention of all invitees that:

  1. If the invitee does not proceed with the purchase and installation of the necessary Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager software, the e4jConnect service will not be usable, and therefore the promotion will not be valid. In the event that the invitee has previously purchased the Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager software, it will be sufficient to complete a subscription to the e4jConnect service in order to fulfill the promotional requirements.
  2. If the invitee does not complete the subscription to the e4jConnect service using the same email from which they received the invitation, they will not be entitled to any promotional benefits. The process that recognizes discounts between invitee and inviter occurs automatically, therefore all the aforementioned requirements must be met in full.
  3. Refunds requested by the invitee, will only be accepted if submitted within 30 days of the purchase of a subscription. The issuance of any refund will automatically cancel any discount incumbent to both parties (Invitee and Inviter).
  4. The data provided by the invitee to join the e4jConnect service will be processed according to the general privacy rules established in the terms of service expressed on the website. Specifically, data is collected at the time in which the invitee registers for the e4jConnect service and any changes or deletions of such data are to be explicitly requested via the appropriate contact forms. No data will be shared with third parties.


e4jConnect reserves the right to verify the manner in which both parties have adhered to the promotion. Any anomalous behavior on the part of invitee or inviter will result in the suspension of all or part of the disbursement of benefits, at the discretion of e4jConnect. and e4j - are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
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