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Thanks to Vik Booking and E4jConnect we drive a lot more direct bookings through our website by saving on OTA commissions. All data is stored on our database, and we can also manage all booking channels from our own website. This is a great advantage. — Angelo, Director of The Queen Luxury Serviced Apartments, Luxembourg

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No you can't. Our Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager plugins "Vik Booking" and "Vik Channel Manager" will be installed on a public WordPress website during the Trial activation. Although the same software solution is also compatible with Joomla websites, the Trial activation system is only available for WordPress users.

Please keep in mind that a connection with a real Airbnb or account is required to authenticate the activation of the Trial period.

Yes you can, as long as the website can be reached at a public website address. Instead, "localhost" or restricted domains/IP addresses are not supported and the service won't activate.

Those certified Channel Manager providers who offer a trial period for their service will have to manually enable the connection with your OTA accounts on their remote servers. Most of the times this requires phone calls, exchange of email messages and a slow activation time that can last for days. Instead, the E4jConnect Trial activation is based on a self-activation technology thanks to your own WordPress website. You can activate it by yourself at any time by simply connecting your Airbnb or account to our Channel Manager. In less than 10 minutes you will be onboarded with a free 30-day trial period. Moreover, you can cancel the Channel Manager connection whenever you want by simply disconnecting your Airbnb or account from E4jConnect. Moving to our Channel Manager software could not have been easier.

This innovative Trial activation system was designed to help anyone migrate to our software solution. We know how scary or difficult it can be when you want to move your accommodation business to a different Channel Manager software, and so we focused on making this transition process as smooth as possible. By activating the Trial period on your WordPress website, our system will automatically import any kind of data directly from your Airbnb or account. Availability, rates, restrictions, reservations and much more will be magically migrated on your new Channel Manager software.

This is the perfect tool for those who would like to try a new Channel Manager, no matter if they are using another software or not.

Once activated, your WordPress website will give you access for 30 days to our Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager software thanks to the plugins Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager.

You will also get a real-time full API connection enabled with your Airbnb or account, and the information about your listings/rooms, rates, restrictions, availability, reservations, customers, guest messages, reviews and much more will be automatically populated on your website.

Your website will be fully operational and ready to collect direct bookings. It will also be fully synced with your Airbnb or account.

The Trial period must be activated through either Airbnb or The selected channel will validate your Trial activation, and so an active Airbnb Host account or Hotel ID is necessary to start. However, if you would like to test additional channels during the 30-day trial period, you can get in touch with our team and we will try to accomplish your request.

The plugin Vik Booking will be automatically downgraded to the Free WordPress version, Vik Channel Manager will stop working, and the connection with all channels will no longer be available. If you are willing to keep using our software solution, then you can place a subscription on this website for the desired channels by using your same account.

This way, all services will be restored and no data will go lost. Instead, if you don't want to use our solution, then you should simply delete the plugins Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager from the WordPress website where the Trial period was activated. That's how you confirm or cancel the adoption of our solution.

No, there are absolutely no fees. The activation of the E4jConnect Trial period is completely free, and no credit card is required.

All we request is to provide your billing information to activate the service and to create an account on our website that you will be able to use in case you will decide to adopt our software and to subscribe to our Channel Manager service.

Whenever you are ready to adopt our solution for your business you can just place the subscription from this website. All you need to do is to log into your account and click the "Renew Subscription" button.  Confirm the channels you would like to activate and complete the order by making a payment. That's all, you can then go back to your website, because no data will go lost after the Trial activation.

We actually recommend to subscribe before the end of the Trial period in order to not lose the connectivity with any channel.

The E4jConnect Trial activation process is based on an authentication system that requires a connection with a real Airbnb Host account with at least one approved and published listing, or with an Open/Bookable Hotel ID with at least one approved and published room-type. We chose these two OTA channels because they are the ones who offer the largest sets of APIs that allows our self-activation technology to populate the software with your property inventory and data.

The activation of the Trial period will install our full software solution on a WordPress website for a limited period of 30 days, which can be extended by placing a paid subscription from this website, or cancelled by deleting the installed plugins from your own site. This is why the owner of an active Airbnb or account is required for the activation of the service for the trial period.

Please notice that co-hosted listings with Airbnb are NOT allowed to establish a connection with any approved Channel Manager software. It is necessary to connect the main Airbnb host account that manages the various listings.

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