Interested into becoming a reseller?

Take a look at what benefits many of our clients from around the globe have!

We have a reseller plan available for all our three marketplaces: (Joomla Extensions), (WordPress Plugins) and (Channel Manager service).

Reseller plans for our WordPress Plugins/Joomla Extensions

The reseller policies for our Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins are exactly the same. On our WordPress website at, as well as on our Joomla dedicated site at, there are 3 levels for resellers, which all give higher discounts.
The first level is automatically reached as soon as you purchase 5 of our main "Vik" plugins. So this includes VikBooking, Vik Channel Manager, VikRestaurants, VikRentCar, VikRentItems and VikAppointments.

  • The first reseller plan will give you 35% off any products.
  • The second level is reached after purchasing 10 copies of the same plugins, discounts will go up to 45% off.
  • The third and last level requires 20 copies, with 55% off applied on any product.

You can upgrade your account to a reseller by contacting our team from our respective marketplace for Joomla or WordPress. We will either assign your account to a special level, or we will give you a coupon code to use for your next orders.


Reseller plan for the e4jConnect Channel Manager service

For e4jConnect instead, the reseller plans are still 3, but there are some main differences:

  • The subscriptions are not tied to one account, our reseller clients can claim to have brought a new client upon sending an explicit email from the accounts who made the subscriptions.
  • The first level requires at least 10 subscriptions for different and unique accounts/clients/properties/API Keys, and the discount/commission applied/paid is 20% for the first level. Renewals are not included, we count the total number of active and unique clients, and API Keys generated.
  • The second level will reward 25% on any new subscription after the 20th.
  • The third level will reward 30% on new subscriptions after the 30th. Renewals are not included.
  • Here we do not always apply discounts on the various subscriptions, we can also pay commissions to our clients who brought new properties. Those who prefer to be paid back can send an invoice to our company after getting in touch with our team, and after being entitled as a reseller.

Our Channel Manager fees are very competitive. They are around 40% cheaper than any other system of the same ranking, where e4jConnect is a Premier Partner of and many other OTAs. For this reason, we require a higher number of new clients on-boarded to assign your account to a reseller plan.

Thanks to our flexible reseller plans and policies, if you are a webmaster, a designer, a programmer, or a web-agency, you can decide to make the subscriptions on behalf of your own clients (the property managers) and issue the invoices for them, or you can let your own clients manage their own subscriptions. We would still be able to add your account to a reseller level as soon as all criteria are met. and e4j - are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
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