Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use:

Software + Subscription
- The e4jConnect Subscription will require a copy of the software VikBooking and Vik Channel Manager to be installed on your website. Without the software or without an active subscription for each website using the software mentioned before, the full service cannot be used.

Vik Channel Manager
- The extension Vik Channel Manager is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Before downloading it you will be asked to enter 2 (or more) domains (if applicable) to get access to the Answers Area of e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com and Vikwp.com, and to ensure the copy of your extension/plugin to receive periodically Updates or Patches. The purchase of the extension doesn't imply any recurring payment, it's a one-time payment and it should be considered as a "setup fee" to start using the e4jConnect services.

Channels and Services
- In order to start using any of the channels or services of e4jConnect with Vik Channel Manager, a subscription to get an API Key is required. The personal API Key will last until the subscription plan will expire. To renew the API Key and make it last longer it is sufficient to have a subscription plan with a recurring payment or place new orders before the expiration date. Subscription Plans can last 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or 1 Year. All the plans can be set as recurring so that they will be renewed automatically via PayPal. It is not possible to pause or stop an active subscription plan to make it last longer.

e4jConnect App
- The e4jConnect App for mobile devices is free to download from the respective market-places of each operating system supported (Google Play for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices). The App requires an active e4jConnect API Key, for any channel, at least for one, in order to create accounts and use it. It comes with a set of functions available for any active e4jConnect subscriptions ("Getter" functions). However, the App also supports some functions that are only available to those that have subscribed for the "Mobile App Service" ("Setter" functions). These "Pro" features are only enabled to those that have subscribed for the "Mobile App Service" and will be enabled to these users as long as the "Mobile App Service" subscription is active and not expired. Most of the "Pro" features permit to create/modify data onto Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager and they are subjected to ACL permissions for the various App Accounts that can be managed through the channel "Mobile App" in Vik Channel Manager. e4jConnect is not responsible of any loss of data caused by stolen accounts or credentials. It is your responsibility to adopt security measures to protect your devices and accounts, by periodically changing the passwords and by signing out from the App while leaving the devices unattended.
In order to be able to continuously use the e4jConnect Mobile App, you need to be running the latest versions of the software. Older versions of the booking engine and channel manager may not be supported. A complete list of all the App features, "free" and "pro", is available in the dedicated description page of the service on this site. The Refund Policy below declares other aspects of the Terms of Use of the paid Mobile App Service.

Secure Data Transmission
- The e4jConnect Servers (Master and Slaves, automatically assigned to your subscription account depending on the country of residence) support and use the protocols SSL v3 (as fallback) and latest TLS (v1.2 as primary). Sensitive data is transmitted by using a two-way symmetric encryption method with a secret key of 64 bytes (512 bits) combined with an OpenSSL public and private key for deciphering. Data transmission is made according to the PCI Council Data Security Standards, therefore an SSL certificate is required for all the Hotel clients using the e4jConnect service with channels returning data that must be protected. After June 1st 2016, all the clients not supporting new TLSv1.1/1.2, will no longer be able to access or use our service. The booking engine "Vik Booking" and the channel manager "Vik Channel Manager" are declared as "server-side software" that handle, upon transmission, sensitive data in a PCI-compliant way: any modification to the source code and/or database structure of that software, will make your Hotel responsible of the sensitive data protection, not e4jConnect.

Rate limiting
- In order to prevent abuses of the connectivity and to respect the rate limits imposed by the various OTAs, we deserve the right to apply temporary blocks or to ban certain accounts that hit the rate limit until the incident is described, justified, and fully fixed. There is no precise rate limit applied, as this may change from one OTA to another. Before hitting the rate limit with a specific OTA, you will most likely hit our rate limit, or the OTA itself would report your Account ID as suspicious by imposing a ban. The rate limits we apply are sufficient to handle hundreds of daily update requests towards the OTAs, and so even large properties with hundreds of rooms will never hit our rate limit, unless suspicious activities or abuses are detected.
In case the rate limit gets hit, your account will be suspended, and no money back (refunds) will be guaranteed as this is considered as an abuse of the service. Your Channel Manager will notify you of such limits imposed or reached. As a certified Channel Manager provider, we have to comply with the policies imposed by the various OTAs and it's your responsibility to familiarize with this policy.

Overbooking Prevention, Responsibility, Compensation for damages and Subscription renewals
- The e4jConnect Service is meant to prevent overbooking by syncing your website and all the channels connected. However, the administrators of your website are allowed to make manual changes to the availability and to the configuration of the software, as well as to the server that hosts the software. Our company is not responsible of any data loss or overbooking caused by a downtime of your server, or caused by a modification made to the server configuration or connection protocols (change between HTTP to HTTPS or vice-versa) without informing our staff members on time. Issues can also be caused by the OTAs and their servers that can have downtime or service interruptions. In these cases, our company is not responsible of any overbooking or data loss but you should contact our support team to have all the data lost re-transmitted to your channel manager, to prevent further issues.
Compensation for damages related to financial loss or reputation is not imputable to the company E4J srl. We are not responsible of any damages the use of the software may cause to your business.
It is the responsibility of the part using the software to renew the subscription before the expiration date. Our servers will automatically interrupt the service at 00:00:00 (UTC time) of the expiration date of the subscription. Some notifications are sent via email and via SMS by our company up to 14 days prior the expiration date. However, it is not our responsibility to make sure such notifications are delivered to the company, which shall take action to check the expiration date on time. The use of the Channel Manager software makes available a function to check the expiration date of your service, which can be renewed by your account on our website at any time.
e4jConnect can only be considered responsible of overbooking or data loss if some bookings were not transmitted on time due to a downtime or service interruption of all our servers. We have many servers in place to guarantee the correct functioning of the service and we are proud to say that our service has never had one second of downtime since the day it was born. If our company was responsible of overbooking or data loss, we can offer a refund of the subscription cost, from the 20% of the subscription cost to the 100%, depending on the circumstances of the issues. Our team will determine the amount of the refund by analyzing the logs of the servers. We will not reimburse the costs that your company may be charged for by some OTAs, we can only reimburse the subscription costs to our service, partially or fully (see the Refund Policy section for the processing fees withheld), depending on the various cases. It is the responsibility of the property and website manager to ensure the software and server are properly configured to not lose any data and face possible overbooking issues. Overbooking can be prevented by simply keeping the "auto-sync" settings enabled in the software, by correctly completing the configuration for each channel connected and by making sure the server configuration is compatible and able to communicate with the e4jConnect servers.

By subscribing to the e4jConnect service you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of the software and service.

Refund Policy:

Vik Channel Manager
- e4j Extensionsforjoomla.com, VikWP.com and e4jConnect software solutions are available for purchase as fully-functional product, on try-before-buy (on our servers) terms. We provide demo websites (front-end and back-end) to let you evaluate our products before purchasing. All the features of the item purchased are described in its details pages, most of the times in a demo website (front-end and back-end).
You can count on our pre-sale support, the Answers Area and live demo websites to make sure the software meets your needs before purchasing a license.
After purchasing an e4j Extensionsforjoomla.com or VikWP software, you will receive a download link via eMail or a License Key under your account, and no refunds will be available unless the item purchased is different from its description or demo website. All the refund requests are to be considered individually depending on the type of software purchased and if you are not familiar with either the Joomla CMS or the Wordpress CMS you cannot ask to be refunded because you are not able to get the same result as the demo website. Refund requests are not accepted if you thought a feature was available in the extension but it actually isn't available or works differently. The support team is always available to clarify any doubt before committing the purchase. Updates are very frequent and we always collect information from our clients to make sure that all the features you need are available. Refund requests are to be considered within 15 days after the purchase date only.
By placing an order to e4j - Extensionsforjoomla.com, VikWP.com or e4jConnect.com, you are supposed to have read this refund policy, agreed with and fully accepted the terms of this refund policy.

TripAdvisor - TripConnect, Trivago and any other meta-search channel
- Channels and Services solutions are available for purchase as fully-functional product, on certification-guaranteed terms. Your IBE (Vik Booking) and Channel Manager (Vik Channel Manager) software will be connected to our centralized API Server so this implies connectivity functions. e4jConnect guarantees a 99% services uptime, however there can be connectivity issues between your server and the centralized server of e4jConnect. Refund requests are accepted in case the e4jConnect server has downtime issues and we can consider the possibility of a partial refund depending on how long the downtime was. If the connectivity issues are caused by your own server then no refund requests will be accepted. We provide connectivity test-tools and you will be informed in case your server has downtime or connectivity issues.

iCal, Flipkey, Holiday Lettings and any other channel using the iCal sync technology
- iCal Channels supports only the synchronization of the bookings. Rates, Restrictions and Inventory are not supported. The e4jConnect Server will periodically fetch the bookings from your website and will notify the Portal every time they request an Update for the new bookings. The new bookings received on the Portals will be downloaded by the e4jConnect Server and the data will be transmitted to your Channel Manager that will store the bookings in VikBooking to update the availability. Any issue with the iCal Synchronization on the Portals end is not to be considered as an issue on our end. The Synchronization of the bookings with the iCal Channels cannot be in "real time" because they download the new bookings periodically and the interval is not configurable by end-users, it's something defined by the Portals themselves. Any overbooking issues caused by a delay of the Portal for downloading the new bookings cannot be attributed to e4jConnect.
Refund requests are accepted within 15 days for reasons that will have to be considered as "valid" by our staff manager. After 15 days from the channel purchase date, refund requests will no longer be accepted.

Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, Google Hotel and any other channel using the API sync technology
- All the channels supporting real-time connections via API, require a special activation that should be made by the property owner/manager. In order to enable the connection with e4jConnect, the property owner will have to select our company as channel manager provider. Refund requests are no longer accepted after the connection request will be sent to our company, due to our automated process to enable dedicated Domain Names Servers for the data transmission from and towards your website. Once the connection request has been sent, the service will be active until the end of the subscription and no refunds will be offered for these types of channels. Once the subscription will be expired, the service will terminate and no more payments will be requested unless you decide to renew the subscription on your own.

e4jConnect Mobile App Service and API Framework
- The e4jConnect App for mobile devices is a hybrid application built by using open source software. Although the App is hybrid, it uses native plugins for every operating system supported (Android and iOS). Such plugins may not be fully compatible or stable with certain versions of the device operating system. Whenever problems occur and are related to third party software, e4jConnect is not responsible of these issues and fixes will be provided as long as the original plugin will be updated and fixed. The App supports Push Notifications to transmit data (non-sensible) and information to the various devices and this service is made available thanks to the dedicated cloud-messaging platforms used by Google (FCM) and Apple (APNS). e4jConnect is not responsible of any downtime or down-service for the Push Notifications if the problems occur on the relative cloud-messaging platforms of the providers. Refund requests for using the Mobile App Service or the API Framework are no longer accepted after 7 days from the activation of the service. Any refund request made within 7 days from the activation of the service will be analyzed by our staff manager that can reject the request, offer a partial refund (based on the circumstances) or offer a full refund (read below for the processing fees withheld).

The accepted refund requests will be taken in charge within 2 working days, and the amount refunded will be calculated depending on the payment processing fees. The processing fees for the credit card payments are calculated as such: 2,9% of the total amount paid plus €0,25 (cents). Therefore, the total amount refunded to the payer's credit card will be less than the total amount paid, due to the payment processing fees that our company will have to pay. In short, the payment processing fees will be withheld from the total amount refunded.

Support Policy:

Support is included in your subscription. We do not charge for support, unless agreed for particular situations. Support is mainly offered via email or through support tickets, preferably by using the Support Board and Answers Area sections available on our dedicated marketplaces for Joomla and WordPress. Support for the first setup of the Channel Manager can also be offered via phone call or Skype, after requesting to schedule an appointment. You are supposed to have a website ready to go live, with the booking engine plugin Vik Booking properly configured, before making a subscription or wanting to set up the Channel Manager. This implies that you have correctly configured the rooms, the rate plans, the rates and the availability on your website with Vik Booking before proceeding with the configuration of the Channel Manager.

With our technical support we offer the necessary assistance to understand the actions that should be taken to complete the correct configuration of the entire system. However, it is your responsibility to familiarize with your software that you purchased. Our company will not set up rooms, rates, rate plans or availability for your website. Our duty is to provide the necessary assistance to help you set up the whole system, but we do not make the configuration on your behalf.

The Support Policies for the booking engine plugin Vik Booking described at https://extensionsforjoomla.com and https://vikwp.com also apply to that specific software.

"Bring a Friend" promotion:

Please read the dedicated policies on this page.

Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Support Policy and Privacy Policy (Terms of Service and Conditions):

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. The company E4J srl will notify you of changes made to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not purchase any software from our websites and do not make any subscriptions. By accepting these terms of service, you also accept our Privacy Policy and Support Policy.


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