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The process to connect your Airbnb account is pretty simple. However, a recent version of both Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager is necessary for using this channel, or nothing will work, not even the connection/activation of the account with our Channel Manager e4jConnect.

Detecting if you are using an update version of Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager is also quite easy, because the page Settings in Vik Channel Manager, when Airbnb API is the active channel, should look like the following screen shot:

Connect your Airbnb account to the Channel Manager

The sort of red button "Connect with Airbnb" must be visible, or your Channel Manager version won't be able to support this full API connection.

Click that button to be redirected to the login page on Airbnb. Here you should use your account information, usually the phone number, to log into the desired account.

Once logged into your Airbnb account, a prompt window will be displayed by asking for confirmation to grant the permissions to e4jConnect to control your settings and contents. The screen shot below shows an example of how this page will look like:

Airbnb grant permissions to a channel manager

Click the "Allow" button and you will be redirected to a landing page that will process your connection.

Once this automatic process will be complete, you will be asked to go back to your website.

Important Notice: the API connection of your Airbnb Host Account will trigger some automated procedures that will automatically publish all of your listings, and that will enable the Instant Book category to "everyone". In case you need to keep some listings unpublished, or if you would like to work with Request to Book reservations for manual approval with some listings, you will need to update again these details for your listings after having completed the rooms mapping procedure. If you continue reading the instructions below, you will see how the next step will be the "rooms mapping" (Synchronize Rooms). After having completed that step, you will be able to control all of your listings from the page "Hotel - Manage Contents - Manage Listings" in Vik Channel Manager. That's how you can unpublish a listing so that it won't be available or listed on Airbnb, and that's where you can update the Instant Book category to "Off" or anything else in case you have specific requirements. If you don't have any particular needs, and if you would like all of your Airbnb listings to be available and instant-bookable, you are safe to go ahead with the configuration.

At this point, your Airbnb account settings will be populated automatically, as illustrated below:

Airbnb account login data

That's all! Your account is now connected to the e4jConnect Channel Manager.

It's now time to use your Vik Channel Manager to complete the configuration process, which basically consists of 3 simple next steps:

  1. Map your Airbnb listings (rooms) to the existing and corresponding rooms on your website, previously created through Vik Booking.
  2. Import the active (future) reservations for your Airbnb listings into your own website to update the availability calendars.
  3. Submit the two Bulk Actions, to respectively transmit to Airbnb a full refresh of availability and rates.

From this point on, Vik Channel Manager will be able to do its job automatically, by receiving new bookings, modifications, cancellations, guest reviews, guest messages and much more!

Last Update: 2022-05-05 09:28
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