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In case the Channel Manager is reporting errors like "Unfortunately, this is no longer available." or "Forbidden" while executing updates or requests towards Airbnb, then this may indicate that the connection between your Airbnb account and e4jConnect has been revoked. Hence, no longer valid.

This may happen for several reasons, if you change password for your account, if your account gets suspended or blocked by Airbnb.

The best thing to do in these cases is to restore the connection between your Airbnb account and e4jConnect. You can do this directly from your Airbnb account, by visiting the page "Account" and then "Privacy & sharing" where you will see the currently connected e4jConnect "App" as illustrated below:

Airbnb e4jConnect App

Click on "Remove access" to disconnect your account from the e4jConnect Channel Manager, so that you can start again a new connection by clicking the button "Connect with Airbnb" from the page Settings in Vik Channel Manager.

This procedure will not make you lose any data, especially on your Channel Manager where nothing will go lost, but your Airbnb account may face a reset of some booking or pricing settings when you disconnect from a Channel Manager. However, this will not be a problem, because all you have to do is connect your account again, and make sure it is all configured correctly.

After a disconnection of your account and a re-connection, it is strongly recommended to launch the two Bulk Actions to make Airbnb will receive and apply the correct availability and rates taken from your own website and Channel Manager.

Last Update: 2021-05-19 23:20
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