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Once your Airbnb account has been connected, it is time to complete the first configuration so that the Channel Manager will be able to sync the availability for your listings, their reservations, rates, reviews and much more.

In order to be able to perform all these operations, it is necessary to "map" the listings of your Airbnb account to the corresponding and existing room-types on your website. This procedure is called "rooms mapping", which is basically a synchronization of the Airbnb listings that will create relations between the rooms of Airbnb and the rooms of your website.

When your Airbnb account is connected, the page Settings will display its parameters as illustrated below:

connect your Airbnb API account to Vik Channel Manager

At this point you need to synchronize the listings of this account, and you can do this from the page "Hotel - Synchronize Rooms". Click the button to synchronize the listings of Airbnb and create the proper and necessary relations as illustrated below:

Connect your Airbnb rooms on the Channel Manager

Once all listings have been synced to one corresponding room of your website, click Save and the mapping procedure will be complete.

The next page displayed will ask you to import the active reservations for all the mapped listings with that account.

Important: if you do have future and active reservations for the listings just mapped, it is fundamental to import them onto your system, so that later modifications or cancellations (if any) will be performed correctly.

Airbnb Import reservation on the channel manager

Please make your choice, and if you choose to import the active reservations, these will be transmitted asynchronously to your website within the next 60 seconds. It's an automatic process that starts as soon as you request it, and reservations will be imported only if there are some with a confirmed status and with a check-out date in the future.

Notice: In case you don't receive any bookings even though you have chosen to import the reservations, and you do have active reservations to be imported, then this could indicate a connection issue between the e4jConnect servers and your website. Please run the Diagnostic Test from the page Settings in this case. Some firewall rules may be preventing your website from receiving the reservations. Otherwise, please check the Notifications in the page Dashboard of Vik Channel Manager to see if any availability errors occurred while importing the active bookings (i.e. your rooms are not available because you have already registered those bookings manually through Vik Booking).

You're now closer to the end. The last thing needed is to launch the two Bulk Actions from your Channel Manager to send back to Airbnb a full refresh of information about availability and rates for the listings. This is usually considered a good practice to complete the configuration of the connection with Airbnb, because you make sure that they will have the same information as on your website.

Important Notice: the API connection of your Airbnb Host Account will trigger some automated procedures that will automatically publish all of your listings, and that will enable the Instant Book category to "everyone". In case you need to keep some listings unpublished, or if you would like to work with Request to Book reservations for manual approval with some listings, you will need to update again these details for your listings after having completed the rooms mapping procedure. If you continue reading the instructions below, you will see how the next step will be the "rooms mapping" (Synchronize Rooms). After having completed that step, you will be able to control all of your listings from the page "Hotel - Manage Contents - Manage Listings" in Vik Channel Manager. That's how you can unpublish a listing so that it won't be available or listed on Airbnb, and that's where you can update the Instant Book category to "Off" or anything else in case you have specific requirements. If you don't have any particular needs, and if you would like all of your Airbnb listings to be available and instant-bookable, you are safe to go ahead with the configuration.

One Bulk Action is for copying and uploading the Availability of your website to Airbnb and the other one is for uploading the Rates. It doesn't matter which action you execute first, but please make sure that your rooms will have the correct availability and pricing configure on your website with Vik Booking before launching the Bulk Actions.
You can find the Bulk Actions under the "Bookings" menu of the administrator section of Vik Channel Manager.

The first activation of your Airbnb account is now complete. The Channel Manager will do its job automatically from here on!

Need to configure multiple accounts?

That is not a problem, multiple accounts are indeed supported. All you need to do is repeat the first step to connect the Airbnb account first.

By clicking the "Connect with Airbnb" button from the page Settings, just enter the login information for another account of yours to establish the connection with the e4jConnect Channel Manager. At this point, just go through the steps described here once more and the multi-accounts feature will be ready.

There is no limit to the number of accounts that you can connect, the limit is given by the number of rooms your subscription can cover. You can always upgrade to a higher plan by logging into your account on this website, at

Need to update some settings for your listings?

Now that your Airbnb host account has been fully API connected, you can manage any kind of information for your listings from the page "Hotel - Manage Contents - Manage Listings" in Vik Channel Manager when of course Airbnb is the currently active channel.

If you need to unpublish some listings or if you need to update the Instant Book category, this is the page you want to use. This is an extremely useful and complete tool that allows you to manage literally any aspect of your listings. You can change the name, the descriptions, the translations, the photos, the booking settings, the pricing settings, the availability rules and much more.

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