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There are two ways to open a room:

  • Send the availability of your rooms to all channels.
  • Send the availability of your rooms exclusively to the current channel.

To open a room you must first make sure it is open and bookable on your VikBooking site. If a room is closed by a booking, please delete that booking first, or the room will be sent as closed for those dates. If it is open, you can then make it open on all channels by performing a "Bulk Action - Copy Availability" from your VikChannelManager. The "Bulk Action - Copy Availability" sends selected rooms availability to all channels. Selected facilities availability will be read from your VikBooking site and will be then transferred. Their status, whether it’s open or closed, will be properly represented in the channels.
Please note: if the “Auto-sync” is enabled on both VikBooking and VikChannelManager, any changes to the availability will be instantly refracted on the channels. For example, if you removed a booking that was keeping a room closed on your website, the channel manager would automatically and instantly notify all of your channels. When the “Auto-sync” is on, you can work on the availability of your website while all the changes are transmitted in the background. Use the "Bulk Action - Copy Availability" instead for manual alignments.

If you wish to open some of the rooms exclusively on a single channel, you must send a manual request from your VikChannelManager via the “Availability and Rates” page. First set the channel you wish to send the Availability to as your active channel. Then select the “Availability and Rates” page. From that page you may select some of your rooms, and send their availability to the current OTA for selected dates, as well as setting other options related to your room, pricing options and values.
The structure of the “Availability and Rates” page depends on which channel you have currently selected, so it may differ from channel to channel.

Last Update: 2017-01-05
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