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Booking solutions for Campsite

Camping is a popular form of accommodation and outdoor recreation, that provides opportunities to socialize and enjoy holidays with family, friends, and fellow campers.
From a weekend escape to a more luxury solution, camping owners adapted its original nature to fit guests' tastes and standards, with a simultaneous raising up of the market.

A growing market

The camping market trend is expecting to grow in the near future, widening the coverage of countries and actors involved in this process.

According to recent researches*, “Camping and Caravanning market worldwide is projected to grow by US$27.2 Billion, driven by a compounded growth of 6.8%. Recreational Vehicle Parks & Campgrounds […] displays the potential to grow at over 7.4%”, and the market increase, seems to will affect not only the main regions that actually leads on camping, but also the emerging countries.

The “2018 Travel Trends Report” published by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), stated that the adventure travel market "has witnessed a growth at a CAGR of 21% from 2012 to 2017".

People searching for outdoor experience can have a very various profile. It’s not just the need to take a day off from the city and going outside. They can be moved by eco-print life-style, a desire to relax in a cozy and comfortable wood house in a glamping village or just to have an exciting night out under the stars in a more basic tent.

New opportunities…

But despite differences, all these travelers have one thing in common: they use the internet and visit websites to make research for a place where to stay, in the same way as tourists do for hotels on the mainstream booking websites.
That’s because being listed on those “new” specialized search websites for campsites is an opportunity to increase your audience and your visibility.

Clients purchasing choices are oriented and influenced by the internet in some main ways:

  • the ease of making research on online websites, with lots of results in a short time;
  • the growing number of smartphone users;
  • the matter that customers feedback, images, ratings and features available assume in the research making.

All these factors can be reached by your company if you push your visibility. How?

Being online on the best campsites portal like Campsites.co.uk and Pitchup.com, like other camping owners already do. Camp websites are specialized to offer targeted solutions that will merge yours and your clients' needs.

Thanks to modern technologies in the searching process, the benefits to be easily bookable online through these portals are that every research will be targeted for the perfect client to the perfect camp holiday solution. 

They not only offer researches, they inform visitors on camping programs such as events and activities, in order to offer to travelers not only a camping but a complete camping experience.

What does e4jConnect offer?

Being part of a huge network of outdoor holidays booking websites will help you reach more travelers, by exposing your accommodations to thousands of new potential guests.

However, without a Channel Manager you may face overbooking or end up spending too much time on managing these new distribution channels.

Here's where e4jConnect comes to help at an affordable price for small, medium and larger companies.

Thanks to the help of Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager plugin you can sync your own WordPress or Joomla website with all these booking platforms.

Any other distribution channel will be kept up to date by the Channel Manager, and so will your own website to keep driving direct reservations.

e4jConnect offers a complete integration (also called "Full API") between your website and the most popular online booking channels where your accommodations should be listed.

This is what you get from using e4jConnect, Vik Channel Manager and Vik Booking:

  • Top-quality synchronization;
  • Automatic updates of availability, reservations, rates and restrictions; 
  • Full management of your pitches from one single Dashboard installed on your website;
  • PMS functionalities for your business;
  • Commissions-Free bookings coming from your website (direct bookings);
  • FULL API and iCal connectivity integrations;
  • Connections with the most popular marketplaces for campsites and holiday parks, like Campsites.co.uk and Pitchup.com; 

Have you already seen our list of distribution channels? Check our complete channels list and start connecting your camping site to the rest of the world!

*find more about on researchandmarket.com

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