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If your room types are not available on then it's because of the Rates and the Inventory that must be uploaded correctly.

After the connection with the channel manager e4jConnect, will reset rates and availability for all your room types because they expect you to upload them through the channel manager. This upload process must be made after the first connection with e4jConnect and any time you want to upload rates and availability for some dates in the future.

In order to have all your room types available for booking on certain dates, requires you to submit the rates and the inventory (number of units available). will not allow bookings on certain dates if one of the following scenarios occur:

  • No inventory of rates and availability loaded.
  • The room or all the rate plans are set to closed.
  • The room has 0 units available.
  • No rates set for the requested dates.
  • Rates were submitted by using the wrong Pricing Model.

Most of the times, your rooms are offline/not available because the rates and availability haven't been uploaded for those dates or the rates have been uploaded by using the wrong Pricing Model. supports two pricing models and so does e4jConnect: Default Pricing and Length of Stay (LOS) Pricing. If your property has been enabled for using the Length of Stay Pricing, submitting the rates using the Default Pricing will not put your room types online for bookings on because they require you to use the Length of Stay Pricing Model in this case. Some Extranet accounts have a page that shows what pricing model has been configured for your rate plans. The same thing works in the opposite sense, if your pricing model is the "Default Pricing", choosing the "LOS Pricing Model" will just raise an error saying that the "LOS Pricing is forbidden" for your account.
Uploading the rates by using both pricing models is the suggested method and, if your property doesn't support the LOS Pricing, a warning message will be displayed in the channel manager but the rates for the Default pricing will be saved and your room will go online for bookings.

The Pricing Model enabled by default for all newly connected properties is the "Default Pricing". Do not choose the "LOS Pricing" from the "Advanced Options" button in the Bulk Actions page, or you will just get some errors. If you wanted to use the "LOS Pricing Model", then a switch of the configuration will have to be requested to the technicians at Just get in touch with us should you require this pricing model to be enabled for your property.

The easiest way to transmit information about Rates, Restrictions and Availability to is to launch the Bulk Actions from Vik Channel Manager. Just make sure your website with Vik Booking contains the correct rates, restrictions and reservations (so that the availability will be correct) so that by launching the Bulk Actions you will transmit the same inventory and information to This will bring your property back online at

Please watch the two video-tutorials below to see how rates and availability can be submitted to to put your rooms online for bookings. configuration

If submitting the rates by using the Length of Stay (LOS) Pricing Model doesn't produce any warning message in Vik Channel Manager saying that the LOS method is not supported, it means that your rate plan supports this pricing model and you should keep using it. In this case, submitting the rates using the Default Pricing model, will not put your property online.

The Length of Stay Pricing will let you specify different rates depending on the number of nights and for each occupancy of the room type. Some properties may prefer this pricing model to the Default Pricing. Some others instead may not need to use this model and only can switch the pricing model for your rate plans/account.

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