E4J s.r.l. is a company specialized in developing server-side software and web applications. We supply qualified components for Joomla and plugins for WordPress, covering six specific business fields with our leading extensions on the market.
As software developers, we focus on what benefits the extensions should bring to online business. Our extensions aim to suit the needs of specific types of business, offering reliable tools to the website managers as well as to webmasters building websites with Joomla or WordPress. E4J s.r.l. has its headquarters in Florence (Italy), a touristic city in the heart of Tuscany and the largest business area of its region.

e4jConnect is a certified channel manager service dedicated to any accommodation business. As a software development company, we do not offer this service through third parties. The distribution system runs on our cloud servers and we are the same company that develops and maintains the booking engine and channel manager software. With our fully PCI-DSS compliant solution, we aim to remove the barriers imposed by many providers where they collect even the direct bookings of the accommodations, by giving freedom and independence to all the properties.

Why choose e4j?

With over 8 years of experience between Joomla and WordPress, E4J s.r.l. is a software provider that offers leading extensions to customers from over 140 countries. Choosing our products is a GUARANTEE.

Why Vik? A must to be revealed.

All our extensions are called 'Vik' something. Why? The answer goes back to January 2009, when the first extension was born: VikRentCar.
The first extension was developed by the same programmers that are now working for e4j, but the company was called 'Creativik' back then. So the word 'Vik' does not come from the name of a village in Iceland, nor does it come from 'Viking' - it comes from Creativik! The original name was a mix of two words: Creativity and Diabolik (a fictional character featured in Italian comics).
Short names in software are often appreciated, and 'Vik' is nothing that could remember a recursive backronym - it's just a name full of stories. Names change, software evolve, story remains.

Joomla or WordPress?

Our main target of clients is web-agencies, designers and developers, which mainly work on projects based on Joomla or WordPress. At the end of 2017 we started to convert the framework of some of our popular extensions for the CMS Joomla so that the same result could be obtained with a native Plugin for WordPress.
Here comes the incarnation of vik: our viking was born with its marketplace entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress (VikWP.com).

Our goal was to give our clients the opportunity to work with their preferred CMS/Web-Software, or with the system demanded by their customers, and offer the same software for the two most famous website platforms of the world.

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The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
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