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This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the e4j and e4jConnect Terms of Service and Conditions. This Policy applies to the information we obtain through your use of our Services and may change as our Services evolve. We will notify you of changes made to this Privacy Policy by posting them to this website that you should periodically check. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not purchase any software or subscription from this website.


1. Information Collection and Use

We collect information necessary to set up your account for using our Services, such as your email address, your passwords, your name, your telephone number, your website URL(s), your company and billing details. In order to set up an account, we will ask you to input a limited amount of personal information necessary to establish the connection with the various OTAs and to issue periodical invoices for your company. Some information can also be used for sending notifications via POST Requests (server to server), via SMS, via Push Notifications to the App or via Email to your address.
In general, we process your information in ways that will help you get the most out of your use of your account and our Services, or to communicate with you. We also collect your geographic area and language, to send accurate notifications.

We use cookies on our websites and software to provide a better user experience, to remind you some personal information on our website and for statistics, through the use of tracking pixels (Google Analytics).
Through Google Analytics Advertising Features we collect information for remarketing, Google Display Network Impresson Reporting, Demographics and Interest Reporting. With this features Google Analytics collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers. To opt-outs from collecting this information, please follow this opt-outs Google Analytics.

This data are not shared by our company with any third-party services or websites.

The company may use your personal information, from time to time, to contact you about new features, new updates and things happening - by using either your email address, your website or your telephone number.

Our central servers may temporarily and partially store sensitive information about your customers whenever some bookings are downloaded for your property from the OTAs connected. These details may contain data about the customers name, email, telephone, full address and credit card. We collect this information to transfer the data to the channel manager software installed on your website and to provide a better service. As a PCI-compliant company, we are allowed to partially and temporarily stored credit card details but we are currently not processing any payments on your behalf.

2. Information Access and Disclosure

We do not share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We are a software development company and a service (channel manager) provider, so we are not in the business of selling your information.

Our company could disclose your information only when: we have your explicit consent; you place a new subscription or a renewal to complete the payment; we determine or believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions.

e4jConnect does not make any of your personal information public. However, please note that your company name (Hotel name), company logo and website URL may be used on the public portfolio page on our website, while your subscription is active and also after the expiration date. If you don't want this kind of information to be published on our website, you can contact us to ask to remove your company details from our public site.

3. Data Transfer and Storage

As a PCI-compliant channel manager provider, we have to and regularly do store and transfer some data, in order to fully offer our service at its best. Most of the data related to your bookings will be stored on your own website database by our software "Vik Booking" or "Vik Channel Manager". e4jConnect is not responsible of any data disclosure due to some issues on your website, it is your responsibility to adopt security measures to protect your own data.

Data is also transferred from our central servers to your own website, through server-to-server communications and data transfer from our servers to yours, by using secure API connections established with the software "Vik Channel Manager". Any change of URL/Domain, Connection Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS, SSL/TLS), or Server Environment on your end, will make e4jConnect not responsible of any data loss. In case of server modifications, upgrades or changes, you are supposed to inform us at least 7 days in advance to ensure an update of your personal information and settings on our servers for the data transfer.

We temporarily and partially store, without processing, the credit card details for your bookings downloaded from the OTAs you voluntarily established the connection to, through our Services. The sole purpose of storing this sensitive data, is to let you access this private information. We are a certified and PCI-compliant channel manager provider and so we are allowed of doing these operations. Your own website could not store, not even partially, sensitive data if it was not PCI-compliant and so we do this for you. The credit card details are (partially) stored and strongly encrypted by using an algorithm that requires your secret "e4jConnect API Key" to be decoded. It is your own responsibility to keep the API Key secret and safe and you can always request a modification of the API Key. Our company is allowed of changing your secret API Key from time to time, or whenever we consider it necessary for security reasons. The credit card details are only temporarily stored on our databases and they are automatically destroyed at midnight (00:00:00 AM), on the day when the customer is checking out from your property. The credit card details are collected directly from the OTAs from which you receive the bookings.

4. Information Deletion and Update

You can delete your accounts information or request a deletion of the personal information at any time. In case your subscriptions are still active and haven't yet expired, if you will request a deletion of your personal information, our service will terminate but this will not necessarily involve a refund. Our refund policy will take action in this case. In order to completely delete all your information, it is also necessary to uninstall all our software from your website.

Any personal information can be updated directly from your website by using our software. Other kinds of information can be updated from your account on our website, or you can request an update of any details directly to us.

All the delete actions cannot be undone and once some information will be deleted, e4jConnect will no longer be able to access or retrieve data as the information will be destroyed.

In case of violations of our Terms of Service Conditions, e4jConnect can deactivate your account without deleting your information. This will pause the Services on your end that will not work until your account will be resumed by our team. Any pauses or interruptions of the services caused by violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions, will not necessarily involve refunds. Our refund policy will have to be consulted in these cases and e4jConnect can choose to not resume again your account.

5. e4jConnect Portfolio and Personal Information

We may use some basic information about your company and website to update our Portfolio section. This means that your website address, a screen shot of your site, and the name of your company/property may become part of our Portfolio section. Such information will never be shared with any third party company, but the details may be visible on a public page of this website. You can request the update or the deletion of your personal information at any time by contacting us. By placing an order from this website you automatically accept these terms.

6. Questions and Contacts

Feel free to use our contact forms on our website to reach out to us for any kind of request. We will get back to you via email. Otherwise, if you prefer other ways to communicate to us for special requests, feel free to contact us via postal mail at the address specified on our Terms and Conditions or give us a phone call at our office.

Privacy Policy

These policies are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. The company E4J srl will notify you of changes made to the Privacy Policy by posting them to this website. If you do not agree with these policies, please do not purchase any software from our websites and do not make any subscriptions. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you also accept our Terms and Conditions.


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