How can I start using e4jConnect ?

Requirements for using our e4jConnect Services

1 You need to have a registered domain for the website.
2 Joomla! must be installed on your website.
3 VikBooking must be installed and configured on your Joomla website.
4 VikChannelManager must be installed on your Joomla website.
5 Subscribe to e4jConnect, choose the channels you wish to use and get your personal API Key.
6 Enter the e4jConnect API Key in VikChannelManager and start using the channels you requested.

Where and how e4jConnect is different?

Compare the two user experiences.



  1. Your customers never leave your website.
  2. No different URLs are ever used during the booking process.
  3. Customers enter their information on your website.
  4. Customers pay on your website and you collect the money.
  5. All the data are saved in your own database.
  6. You do not need your provider to access your data.

You are totally independent! Everything is integrated into your own website.

Other Providers

  1. Your customers are redirected onto an external site.
  2. The booking page simply displays your logo. It will be the same for any other hotel.
  3. Customers enter their information on the Provider's website.
  4. Customers pay on a different website and the Provider collects the money.
  5. All data are saved in an external database.
  6. The provider has your customer information and all your data.

What would happen to your company data if you decided to leave your provider?

Having everything integrated onto your own website makes a difference

Your website can finally have a different look from your competitor's.
This is your own website, and you choose its design.
All information on bookings and customers will be saved into your own database.

How to install and configure
the software on your website

If you are familiar with Joomla! ...
e4j -

If you are a web developer or a web agency and you are working on a project for one of your clients, visit to purchase a copy of VikBooking and a copy of VikChannelManager.
Start setting up the Joomla website with VikBooking and create your Rooms with Images, Prices, Methods of Payment and everything else your client needs.
Once the website is ready, you can install VikChannelManager and get the API Key by ordering a subscription to the desired channels/services on
Enter the API Key received on your VikChannelManager to start using the services you purchased.

If you are not an expert ...

If you are not a websites developer or a Joomla! CMS expert, then you can order a full website setup from for your Hotel, B&B, Villa or Apartment and, a member of the e4j team will configure everything for you.
Choose the Hotel Booking Solution at and we will provide you with a complete website including the booking engine VikBooking. You will be able to receive direct bookings from your own website.
Once the website is ready you can get the API Key for using the desired channels/services on by ordering a subscription plan from this website.


e4jConnect revolutionizes the way you manage reservations, since every booking process
takes place entirely within your website without redirecting onto external servers.

There are no commission charges on the bookings received, you just have to pay once to get VikBooking and VikChannelManager.
Only a monthly fixed fee for using the channels/services will be billed to your account. and e4j - are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
e4j - - VAT N. 02196010975